Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Soap Creek Backbone Magnetotelluric Station Installation

What... you don't know what Magnetotellurics is?  ;).  It's basically the study of the deep earth using earth's natural electromagnetic field that is created through the earth's interactions with solar energy in the ionosphere.  These electric "tides" can be Auger
measured in the earth to look at the structures deep beneath the ground.  I have been hired on as an outside consultant to work with Adam Schultz this summer installing these stations around the country with my Indian counterpart Prasanta who is a post-doc from India visiting the school.  Today we went to Soap Creek to re-install the backbone magnetometers that Jan Baur had installed but had been pushed out of the ground by the rising water table over the winter.  To this extent we rented an auger which Adam seemed pretty pleased to drive.  We had to go through the OSU animal study center (cows) to get to the site.  It took the afternoon and everything went pretty well.  Prasanta knows much more than I about the discipline but I can tell I'm going to be the muscles behind the installations this summer.... yippie.


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