Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tahkenitch Dunes & Three Mile Lake

Today after we left Shilo's Eleanor, Chris, and Toshi and I headed down 126 to south of Florence on the coast to the Tahkenitch dunes for a 7 mile hike.  Eleanor was in a little under the weather from last night but she decided to go along which I thought was great.  The hike took us over some dunes to the ocean where we walked down the beach for a few miles and took naps under the sun.  On the beach we Hodakfish
encountered the carcass of a huge fish that Hodak decided to lie down next to for a size comparison photo.  I also found tons of mole crabs (sand crab) on the beach.  I had not noticed them518614877_e52fbe79ef_b before but on this beach there seemed to be hundreds of them
scurrying about when water washed over them then quickly digging themselves back into the soft, wet sand when the wave passed.  A simple scoop of the hand of the sand would bring them out of hiding and if you're quick enough to grab one and wash it off it was cool to look at.  Check the photo. 
    After napping for a littel while and watching jeeps and 4x4's rally up and down the Hodaktoshi
beach (It's open to vehicles) we headed back inland to the freshwater Three-Mile Lake.  We walked around it a little, lost the trail and had to climb a steep slope up a dune to get back on the trail again.  There were numerous places to set up camp on the dunes which may be a possibility later this summer if we come down to the dunes for "Guys Weekend" which I'll be setting up soon.  The trail then winded through a large forest back to Toshi's car. 
    We then spent the rest of the afternoon driving up the coast back to Corvallis.  We stopped at Waldport for some seafood after the hike for dinner.  I ordered the Clam Chowder for 8$!!!, 6 oysters for 10$!, and a milkshake.  After realizing that everything was wayyyy over priced I was thankful that they completely forgot my oysters.  Even the "bowl" of chowder I got for 8 bucks was in a little styrofoam cup... not to pleased with the meal there or the prices... oh well.  Hopefully when my mom comes in a month we'll be able to stop at some cool seafood places on the coast for fresh oysters on the half shell!


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