Friday, May 11, 2007

Wilderness First Responder

Today I finished my 80 hour intensive Wilderness First Responder Course.  The course was taught by the Wilderness Medical Institute (WMI) and was over a 10 day period starting last Wednesday through the weekend until today.  There was a 250 page499241184_bf0649c1df_b
book to read, many practice wilderness medical scenarios throughout the week and today we had our 100 question written exam and practical test.  The exam was pretty difficult and499243640_95537344f5_b
required several days of studying to pass.  The practical was also difficult and it took several people two tries to get it down.   With this certification I am legally able and actually required by law to give medical assistance to injuries in the outdoors over an hour from "definitive" care.  I learned such skills as closing a punctured lung, applying traction to a broken femur, how to treat shock, admnister epinephrine, close 499290187_9715566818_bwounds, CPR, etc.  I'm happy and I feel empowered with the knowledge that I now know how to treat most wilderness trauma and medical emergencies.  :)  Oh... 
I also through a BBQ for the whole gang at my place on Sunday night before our day off.  Check out the awesome traction splint I put on my HuckDoll :).  haha.  ooohhh yeahhh.


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