Sunday, June 24, 2007

Head Trauma

So, Head_trauma_61207_007after 3 years without any injuries I decided to give myself one mountain biking.  The first picture my buddy Mac Bar took of me in the hospital room when I got to the ER.  The next one is when I got home from the ER 6 hours later and the final one is
me a week and half later.  This all occurred because I decided I wanted to break a small tree in half with my face while mountain biking....  When my buddy Mac came upon me heHead_trauma_61207_004 said I was lying face down in a pool of blood unresponsive.  I came to a few minutes later but I don't remember a thing until I was in the hospital room getting sewn up.  I asked the doctor how bad it was and he flipped a mirror so I could
see... pretty bad.  30+ stitches in my head to get my eyebrow back in place and in my lip to hold it together.  I also have some pretty deep wounds on my hands and knuckles that will have scars.  I was told that in the first cat scan they thought I had Head_trauma_61207_005
bleeding in my brain but 5 hours later I looked ok so they let me go.  I lost about a liter of blood and was told I'd have horrible headaches for a week.  I actually felt no pain since I left the hospital and only took a couple asprin for a canchor sore that was in my mouth before the accident... Anyway, while my mom was here visiting me I healed up quick and am pretty much back to how I looked before with a slight scar down the front of my head.  Like I always say... if you have no scars or broken bones you aren't living life hard enough!


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