Friday, June 1, 2007

Pig Roast, Battle of the Bands and a Big Friday Night

Yesterday's night of partying began for me at the annual Spring COAS barbeque Pigroastwhere we roasted up two pigs in a pot-luck dinner.  The food was nearly completely gone when I showed up to the park on my bike and I was lucky to be able to snag a whole leg off one of the pigs before it was all gone!  As usual, Greg Little, the owner of
Squirrels was the bartender serving up the hefeweizen.  Unlike the fall bbq where Hodak, Mac and I got tore up finishing the keg ourselves this keg was kicked before I even had my 4th cup!   The bbq dissipated into a game of frisbee and kickball where Hodak was at her finest...

After the bbq I rode my bike home with everyone and stopped at my house to change and slam some beers (got temporarily hooked on youtube watching animals battle 529494765_b6d4e3de6b_b
each other..) before heading to Chris Somes for some pre-game drinking before the 7th Annual Battle of the Bands on the quad.  My lighted longboard was a hit as usual with everyone until Hodak tried to ride it and smashed herself good, spraining her ankle and managing, as we later found out, to score a decent puncture wound into it as well!  The picture is of me pushing her along the rest of the night as she rode on it on her butt.

The battle of the bands was huge and the even had a beer garden set up for it.  None of us were really digging the music (the sound person sucked) so we retreated back Battlebandsto Chris' place for some more drinking before heading out to Jame's party on VanBuren.  When we got to his place it was packed as usual and the bands he had, as well as the beer where the best of the night.  Cups were gone but I managed to find a large,
clean pickle jar to use for stout I found.  I ended up staying late into the night talking to a couple girls, but the only number I got was from a kid named Ben who loved to ski and thus instantly took my drunken attention away from the girls.  Ha.  I ended up leaving the party to see Hodak sitting on the curb nursing her ankle and a fire thrower in the street tossing around flaming sticks... typical for a party there.  Great night, but it took me until 11am to get up today so hiking will have to wait until tomorrow.


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