Friday, June 15, 2007

Wahkeena Falls, Columbia River Gorge

Before picking my mom up at the airport I decided to go for a hike in the Columbia River Gorge up Wahkeena Falls.  The trail I took climbed steeply up to the top of620061721_f5e124c0e0_b
Wahkeena Falls and then up to where the spring that feeds the falls comes out of the ground.  It was amazing to see a decent sized creek simply come out of nowhere in the ground.  The trail crossed above the stream but there was simply no water up the hill, it simply just poured out of the ground... The trail then followed the shoulder of the mountains to the Larch Mountain trail which I took down to the top of the 600 foot Multnomah Falls.  Looking down from the top of the falls was certainly a new perspective and you could get a much better feel for the height of the 2nd largest waterfall in the U.S. from there.  I bet someone could easily base jump it.... hmmmm...... From there I simply followed the trail down to the bottom and took an620106003_59c799e142_b
easily trail following the historic highway back to my car.  Unfortunately for my pride the Multnomah trail is a very popular trail and I got a lot of pity looks by everyone who passed by me and saw my face...  Other than that it was a great hike and I can't wait to get back and explore the trails around there further!


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