Sunday, July 22, 2007

Drinks for my birthday

Last night Jason and I headed down to Squirrels to meet up
with Kristin and Chris Holm for a few drinks for my birthday. Anna and all her new friends showed up later
in the evening. Chris had a lot on his
mind that I’m sure he felt good about getting off his chest with me. I won’t discuss it here but the poor guy is
going through a really tough time. After
a funny convo about Harry Potter thankfully getting killed off we all went
upstairs to chat and play pool.  I also won’t go on about what I saw happen
upstairs between friends of mine. It doesn’t
effect me at all but I don’t like seeing my friends get hurt by the
thoughtlessness of my other friends and I ended up losing a lot of respect for
certain people that night. I ended up taking off from the bar around 1am because I had to get
up for my South Sister climb the next day.

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