Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bowling, Jonny Cash, A Drag Party, and Sommes' Party Pit

Last night after work ( I love working at Intaba’s so far
although I still have a lot of fancy cocktails to memorize there) I headed over
to Highland Bowl to meet up with Brendan, Brie, Miller, Matt, Sam, Pam, etc for
some late night bowling. I finished 2nd
in the game I played behind Brie who is apparently a bowling shark! They all got a kick out of my stupid bowling
technique of walking up to the lane and tossing the ball down it… haha.. at
least it worked!

At 11:30 after bowling I headed over to Bombs to meet up
with Julie, Lindsay, Katie, Suzie and Jen for a Jonny Cash cover band that was
pretty good. I saw Hillary the waitress
there and mentioned to her that I knew her friend Emily from work at Intaba’s
which surprised her. Hillary is a
waitress at Bombs who is dating the lead singer of Stairway Denied – The local
Zepplin cover band. It was a good show
and I ended up dancing there with Brendan, Brie, and the girls from the ski
trip until about 1am when I took Katie and Julie back to Julie’s place which
Ironically is directly behind my house on 26th street instead of 25th
where I live… weird. Julie’s knee was
still messed up from our dance party at the ski trip so I actually had to carry
her to my truck for the ride home! Haha. 

After dropping them off I was off to meet up with Anna and
Eleanor at Jan Baur’s (my lab co-worker) birthday party at his house. As I walked in I ran into a girl just wearing
a bra with half a boob falling out, and my buddy Aaron Hartz in a full dress
handing me a beer… what!!?... apparently everyone had gotten so drunk that they
decided to exchange clothes or something. Apparently I had missed a wild party with a lot of boobs being shown and
wild drunkenness. I wished Jan a happy
birthday, told Aaron to pull up his stockings and took off with Anna, Eleanor
and Logan to Chris Sommes for a few more beers before heading home at
2:30am!!! I only had to be up in 2.5
hours for CMRU training in the morning….. maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to
stay out so late!

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