Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hot Shots & Hot Girls

Last night Rick and I drove up to L.G. after having dinne with Mike at the Sushi Thai Garden to meet up with Josh, Dave Long andHot_shots_with_friends_32206_009
Jeremy Byers for some drinks.  By the time Rick and I got to Byers' apartment he was 3 sheets to the wind.. haha.. We had a few beers there then headed downtown to Hot Shots for the night.  Pitchers closed down last fall and was bought out to become the Hot Shots sports bar.  They added flat screen tv's on the wall, different food offerings and the smallest hip hop dance floor I've ever Hot_shots_with_friends_32206_008
seen.  They've also hired the hottest bar back girls I've seen anywhere in this area to simply walk around and look beautiful and occassionally dance on the bar and stage.... Pretty nice job.  I met three that night, Susie, Lindsay and Ashley.  I ended up talking to Ashley a bit about her  fondness for embalming dead bodies...(pictured next to me) haha.  She seemed to be interested in the dead guy I now have built into my knee.  AprilHot_shots_with_friends_32206_004
showed up around midnight and Megan Baxter dropped in after that.  At one point some hipster doofus sitting at the bar wearing a beanie was putting his hands all over a few girls that Dave Long knew.  Now I don't stand for this Hot_shots_with_friends_32206_018
behavior from anyone so I walked right up to him and said, "listen.. you better watch yourself because I'm watching you and so are my 6 friends behind me".  10 minutes later he quietly left much to the happiness of the girls he was physically harassing.  After a few more Guiness' (my current favorite choice for beer) I took off to take Rick home so he could get to work on time the next day.  Great night and a fun time with all my buddies. 


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