Saturday, April 22, 2006

Last Night with Meg Baxter

Our good friend Megan Baxter has moved on to bigger and better things in the small town of Boston, MA.  Last night was the last night going out in Toga with her.  We will all miss her but I'm happy that she is going to experience new things and meet new people.  She is moving to the Sommerville area of Boston near Cambridge.  I met her out with some friends from work after I got back from my long drive to Saddleback, ME.  Her friend Lindsay who is the grill chef at Springwater Inn was absolutely beautiful but as usual she has a boyfriend... just my luck.  We stayed at Gaffneys for a while waiting for Megan's Skidmore "friends" to show up.
    Finally her friends Jess and Emily showed up briefly to quickly pound an expensive bottle of champagne Meg bought for everyone and then take off with their lesbian friend for some sort of orgy... real nice friends of Meg's in my opinion... but it's just my opinion. 
    Meg's true friends and I then took off to 13 for a bit and the Tavern to see what was goingCimg3164 on.  Nothing much was happening as it was nearing 3am in the morning.  Megan was hit on by a bunch of
guys at the bar on the 1st floor of the tavern so crazy Meg's idea of scaring them off (I love this girl) was to blatantly come out of the bathroom with toilet paper on her shoe! hahahahah.. Check out the picture. 
    Shortly after Meg scared off the annoying guys at the bar we parted with her friends and walked back to my place where she crashed on our pull out couch.  It was a fun night and I hope to bump into her friend Lindsay again sometime.  I'll miss Meg, but I know she'll have a great time in Boston and I can't wait to go visit her with Kerri!


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