Thursday, August 23, 2007

MT Work week 3

    Well, another week has passed installing magnetotelluric stations throughout 1100183159_fde832c8e8_b
Washington.  Thankfully, the project has started to move into 1100157933_c0373cc27d_bthe Cascades and Western Washington away from the boring plains and hot weather of the East.  It has been difficult to work with Jeff
because he has a severe anger management problem, road rage, smokes, and is generally just an ass.  We have driven across the state twice this week and my days have been 13-15 hour long days of driving.  The field work is still relatively easy although I've had to keep an eye on Jeff 1100203617_94d591b554_bso 1101011512_11e2616f04_b
that I can fix his mistakes.  I'm not going to say a word to the other crew members but if I was in charge he would not be an employee of mine for sure.  Thankfully today I was set off on my own while he joined up with Trey to install sites.  It's nice to know that they find me competent enough to maintenance sites on my own.  Tomorrow 1101056230_814360756c_bI'll pick up a helper in Yakima named Joe Dean or something.
Hopefully he will be easier to work with than Jeff.  Because I've been 1100221305_0c67162108_bworking with Jeff I don't have any really interesting stories like I did while working with Jen.  Thus, I'll just post a bunch of
pictures with this blog entry of some of the cooler sites I saw.  The northern Cascades are truly beautiful to drive through with rivers and lakes glowing a blue green color due to the copper dissolved in the water that rusted
(think green statue 1100167217_5f4e7253f7_bof liberty).   I've seen a ton of deer, had lhamas try to stick their heads 1101062080_da94cf3546_bin the truck, got a glimpse of Mt. Baker in the clouds, got chased by some cows while trying to back out of a field, and I
took a ferry today from Seattle to Olympia.  I got so close to the deer in the picture that I was able to tell it a joke... enlarge the picture by clicking it to see it's reaction.
    Emily is off at wedding in a tropical paradise and I miss hearing her
voice.  I 1101061340_4d67ea4f4a_b
haven't even been able to properly call Nicolette to check in on Ellie1101070710_e348f5c0f1_b
either because I'm always out of cell phone range until it is too late to call the East Coast.  I'm going to be very happy to get a break this Friday to do some backpacking on the Continental Divide.  7 days a week for 4 weeks straight now has been tiring.  Anyway, enjoy the pics. 


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