Thursday, August 30, 2007

My new Macbook Pro

Yup, starved myself on soup and stolen hotel food for lunch for over a month on that MT job - which by the way dropped me like a bad habit when I got back from my hike - so I could save up my per-diem to get a new laptop. I didn't get as much saved as I wanted of course because I was lied to and not offered a position when I returned like I was promised. They apparently got bought by another company and can't use temps anymore... but I'll tell you one thing... I was teaching the people at a higher pay grade how to do their jobs by the time I left! Yeah... I'm pissed and bitter... but anyway.... today I purchased a new MacBook Pro for myself. I waited a full year for updates to come out etc, and I get a free Nano which I'm selling to recoup some of the cost as well. I got over half saved for it so I guess it's not too bad. When I actually have it in my hands I'm sure photos will be coming to the blog... :)

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