Saturday, September 16, 2006

My new place in Corvallis, OR

  Well, I've moved into my new place in Corvallis.  My new address is 1036 NW 25th Street in Corvallis, OR 97331.  My phone number is still 518-935-3275 with Verizon.  Now to tell you a little bit about my place... It's a house about 5 blocks from campus.  It's got a covered car port, big backyard with a cherry tree and hopps trees for when we brew beer later this year, a garden, covered patio with lounge chairs, a smoker, and two big grills, and a huge empty lockable garage where we keep all of our gear stowed away which has a kegorator in it and another freezer.  There is a front yard as well.  My roomate Jason Killian and I live upstairs over two girls who live in the "dungeon" downstairs.  The upstairs has a full laundry room off the car port with shelves lined with microbrews Jason has picked up over the past few months and a pantry.  We have a full kitchen with dishwasher, dining room table and living room with a fireplace which we are going to buy wood for soon so we can have fires inside this winter.  The entire house is carpeted as well except for the kitchen.  My bedroom is 12X12 and I've got windows right behind my bed.  This house has apparently been passed down through COAS (College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Studies - What I'm in) students for over 10 years who each left cool stuff behind.  I got all of this for only $300 a month rent!  Pretty sick hook up.  Now to tell you about my roomate...
    Jason Killian is my age, just graduated with his masters after working with Rob Holman on wave research.  He's from Michigan and since he's been here has become an outdoor guru with more gear than I can even comprehend.  He's part of the Mountain Rescue squad here and participates in alpine rescues, manhunts, and searches with the local police and mountain guides.  He knows glacier travel and has done extensive rock climbing including leading on some serious alpine ascents.  I can't wait to learn all that he can teach me and I also plan on becoming a mountain rescue member myself.  He has an 18 month old golden retriever named McKenzie who is very energetic and playful but well behaved.  Jason will be working in the Wave Research Center at OSU when he officially graduates this fall.  He's a great guy and I think we'll get along great.  It's awesome to live with someone who knows the area so well, is into the same things as I am, and can give me advice for school, teachers, local events, places to go, etc etc.  I'm living with the inside scoop of Corvallis, OR.  Now a little bit about Oregon that I've learned in the little time I've been here.
    I had a few drinks the past couple nights with Jason and the COAS crew.  From talking to them I've learned this:  1. There are no mosquitos... anywhere.  2.  Blackberry bushes are weeds out here that can grow to 20 feet tall and as I've already found out are absolutely delicious.  3.  Everything is huge out here - trees, mountains, vegetation etc.  4.  There are many little drive through coffee shops.  5.  Everything here is cheap and Organic Vegetables are the cool thing to do around here.  6.  Everyone is outdoor minded, liberal and appreciate and take care of the environment.  7.  You can't find Miller, Coors, Bud, etc in the town... It's all really good micro brewed beer that you can get at any night of the week for $2 pints at various cool establishments.  8.  Everyone is extremely helpful and very friendly.  9.  Everything isvery green from the amount of rain the region gets... every patch of dirt has something green growing from it and the bark of most of the trees are covered with moss.  10.  I'm gonna love it here!


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