Sunday, March 12, 2006

Night with Mike and Sarah


Last night I hung out with Sarah again.  She met up with me around 5pm at my apartment and after a few beers we went for dinner at O'Callaghans downtown.  We had a bottle of red wine and I had the Sambuca Chicken which was delicious.   We ended up talking for nearly two hours... not theCimg2693Cimg2694
kind of awkward talking that sometimes happens on dates, this was
passionate interesting conversation.   I found that she and I think so
much alike on so many different subjects.  We talked about psychics, the future, dreams, religion
, etc and I found myself captivated by everything she said.  After dinner we walked downtown to Gaffneys where we saw a couple of her friends and then to Desperate Annies to meet up with Mike.  After a few drinks there we went back to Gaffneys with Mike and his two very drunk, yet very funny friends.  After a couple more drinks Sarah and I headed back to my place for the night.  Sarah had to leave this morning to help her dad put up shelves in her apartment.  I can't wait to see her again. 
    Sarah is terrific and I find myself really falling for her but I know that I shouldn't because I'm going to be moving away soon and it wouldn't be fair to either of us.  But it just seems so right between us.... Why do I finally meet someone that I really get along with and am very comfortable with right when I'm leaving... Not fair.


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