Monday, July 17, 2006

Saratoga County Fair


Last night Emily and I decided to go to the county fair.  It was opening night and it seemed like half the rides were closed for repairs.... bad sign or what.  I read in the paper today that I kid got slapped by a tiger as well and had to be brought to the hospital for stitches in his head! 
    We got the fairgrounds just in time to catch the Demolition Derby there.  Emily and I had never watched one before.  It basically involved a bunch of white guys driving beat-up old cars Bear_the_fair_71706_012
at each other in a quarter-football field sized mud pit.  When your car died or couldn't move anymore you lost.  Some of the cars really got taken out hard, others just popped their tires and couldn't move anymore.  In any case the winners got giant trophies and the firemen from Ballston Spa had to put out a few engine fires while the cars were dragged out of the arena by a huge front end loader with chains.  I think I blew half the powdered sugar off my fried dough onto the couple below me in the stands while laughing at the spectacle.
    After the derby we wandered over to the animal pens to check out the contestants.  I got a
Bear_the_fair_71706_022 few pictures of Emily next to the biggest farm animal I've ever seen.  The cows chewing their
cud reminded me of looking around the restaurant at Wheatfields watching everyone eat and the screaming goats we then walked to reminded me of everytime my boss opens is mouth to talk to me.. haha (I'll put the movies up on google soon enough... and leave a link here...). 
    We then walked over to the rides to check them out.  Each ride cost us nearly $5 a piece!!! What a rip off.  We paid $32 and only rode 4 rides!  After we rode the "rotor" (the one that
Bear_the_fair_71706_036 spins and sticks you to the wall) we both felt a little nauseous and decided to call it a night
back to my place with some ice cream to settle our stomaches.  On our way out we stopped to watch a very lame hypnosis show where there were 15 people on stay 20 years old or younger and the lame ass hypnotist kept referring to "I Love Lucy" episodes that I'm sure the kids had never even seen.  LAME. One night at the fair was good enough for me this year!  Watching the animals was the best part... :)

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