Friday, November 3, 2006

Squirrels and Platinum

Even though this is under the "Drinkin" category I did not partake in that activity myself as I am sticking to my "no beers till New Years" rule.  I met up with Anna, her friend George, Isaac, Eleanor, Chris Holmes, Aaron Hart, Mac and Sarah at Squirrels for drinks before they convinced me to go "clubbin" with them at a skeevy joint called Platinum downtown.  I really wish that I had a picture of the sketchy bouncer who took my 4$ (wayy to much for a place like that) cover charge.  He had tatoos everywhere but twisted his beard and sideburns up into some sort of bad ass devil meets hillbilly hair-do.  What a freak!  So I followed everyone downstairs into the dungeon where there were no more than 30 or 40 people in a giant room with a bunch of pretty descent breakdancers layin' it down on the dancefloor.  Everyone around me was having a great time and when they started to play Cimg6547my old school anthems I had a good time too for a bit.  They also had a pretty sick surf movie being looped on a large projector in the background.  Mac was in his element apparently.  I had no
clue that he was such a club go-er.  After swinging on a stripper pole a few times and dancing with streamers he tried his hand at breakdancing with the locals which ended up with him in the hands of a bouncer dragging him off the dance floor.  We all thought this was absolutely hilarious.    When he returned he told me that the dancers were actually PAID TO BE THERE!  How lame is this place??? Anyway, after a little while I took off because I had biking early in the morning with Tiffany on the McKenzie River Trail...   Fun night with good friends and it didn't bother me a bit that I was stone sober! :)


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