Sunday, August 27, 2006

Travers at the Track

Yesterday morning Emily rolled out of her bed at 3:30am to go to the Saratoga Race Track with her roomate Cassie Steitzer.  Their mission was to wait in line until 6am when the gates open and then make a mad dash into the track to grab two picnic tables for their family and friends.  I of course thought this was lunacy so I drove home instead to get some sleep (I ultimately couldn't get back to sleep).  When I got home I found Jessica Schmidt (roomates girlfriend) sprawled on the living room recliner in her underwear snoring (she sleep walks when she drinks) so I threw a blanket on her and headed back to my room. 
    Meanwhile at the track it was mayhem according to Emily.  When the gates open it was like a Walmart Day-before-Christmas dash.  People were pushing each other, falling over, spilling coolers of beer etc.  Emily said she had to jump over several people that had fallen.  It's ridiculous!  This is all while I'm at home researching 3-season tents to buy for my trip cross country with Kenny Wilhelm in my nice warm apartment. 
    At around 11am Jonny Hughes called and said he was on his way with Megan Jones and his girlfriend Julie.  When they got here at noon we all took off in Jon's car for the track and parked in the free parking area.  We were able to hop on a yellow schoolbus taking guests to the main entrance which was hilarious because I haven't been on a school bus since about 9th grade.  I kept yelling to keep hands inside the bus and offered several people money to "press ham" on the back window just for old'times sake.  Haha. 
    It took us a while to find Emily inside the track because there were so many people and when she said she was next to Caroline BBQ and a large monitor it didn't help because there were about 12 Cimg5271
each of those in the track!  When we finally found them we were treated to a suprise.  Her family had brought a "Red Flyer" kids wagon full of food into the track while the girls and their friends had brought coolers of beer and several bottles of booze.  It was great to finally meet Emily's parents.  They are a ton of fun and her mom is a lot like my mom - always smiling and a riot. 
    Josh and Jess were also at the track and when Josh came over after the 2nd race and told me heCimg5276 Cimg5279
had won over 800 bucks I decided to then call him for the pics of every race.  Despite talking to Josh
I lost every bet that I made... it sucked.  I only got a 30 dollar voucher for the day though so I wasn't too concerned about losing 30 bucks while having a good time.  I had brought 60 bucks with me for the day.  As soon as I decided it was ok for me to get drunk around Emily's parents (who were also getting drunk) I began to drink pretty hard hittin' the stoli vanilla vodka with coke.  By the timeCimg5284 the Cimg5281
10th race hit I had bought two cigars for Jonny and I and was having a hell of a
time.  I blew the rest of my voucher on the 11th race (The big Travers Race) and boxed the favorite horse Bernadini with it's rival Bluegrass cat for 1st and 2nd.  I think I made a couple other bets but was too drunk to remember.  In any case, I nailed it and made a bunch of money back for the day. 
    After the 12th race I pounded what was left on the table of mixed drinks and got a ride home withCimg5290
Jonny and the girls.  We played asshole at my place for a little while and ICimg5292
apparently at one point put on some ski movies and hugged my skis and kissed them. (I found this out the this morning when I woke up to see my skis strewn everywhere).  We then went out to Gaffneys to meet up with Emily and her parents.  I was pretty drunk at this point and to save face only got one beer while I was out.  Emily left with her parents around 1am and I ended up seeing a bunch of Wheatfields people so I stayed and Cimg5294
talked for a whle but I can't remember what I had talked about.  Jon had also gone back with the girls onto my pull out couch-bed.  I woke up this morning very hung over and confused at 11am.  Jon and the girls had already gone out for food so I said goodbye to them and relaxed for a few hours before heading to work.  I looked in my pocket and found $39!  I had a blast all day at the track, ate home-cooked food, bought cigars, and went out and only had spent $21.  What a great day at Travers!


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