Friday, September 7, 2007

Blue 82 with Kenny & Emily

Well, my first night home on a brief trip back to NY to see my cousin Erin's wedding Emily picked me up at the Albany airport and after a quick dinner at the Macaroni Grill we headed over to the Martini Bar where Ken works as a chef. To our suprise Kenny had reserved a private table for us and had a bottle of Moet Champagne as well. We ended up drinking A LOT while recalling funny stories of our high school years together. I'm not sure how many rounds of dirty martinis, cocktails, and grape shots we had but at the end of the night Emily was waving around a stick she found in the street and kenny was throwing garbage cans and smashing light bulbs! After playing Wii for a while we passed out around 3am.... Kenny's a great friend and we owe him for that night.... the bill was so long he wrapped it around his neck like a lei.

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