Saturday, September 29, 2007

Logan's Crazy House Party

Logan, Toshi, and Levi threw an amazing party last night. I had planned on going over for just a few drinks because of the rafting trip today but instead I ended up getting pretty drunk and leaving around 3:30am. It seemed like everyon and their sister was at the party. It was great to see old friends like Eva who have moved back to the area. It seemed like all the new COAS students made it to the party as well. The roomates had cleaned out the basement and bought a brand new pool table as well so it was totally pimped out down there. We all went through 2 quarter kegs pretty quick so more beer had to be bought. Chris Holm was kind enough to purchase a couple tall-boy PBR's for me to continue my night. I found a brick of mozzarella cheese in the fridge and began cutting off slices for people. You'd be amazed at what girls will do with each other for a slice of cheese when they are drunk. ha! Anyway, it was a killer party and I had a great time. Highlights were Caleb Fenner completely trashed, Tori falling off the front porch, Evan and his friends showing up at 3am out of no where, Luarel and her 1$ sunglasses all night, Logan topless on the coffee table, Anna pounding a 40 of PBR, and delicious cupcakes with TMNT rings. Click the title as always for a slideshow. Peace!

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