Friday, September 21, 2007

New COAS Kids Kickoff Party!

Let me start this by saying that in my year here in Oregon I have yet to bear witness to a party of so many people THAT bombed! I decided to throw the party at my house this year which meant Jason took off with McKenzie for the night. I bought a keg of a local Wit microbrew which was completely kicked by 10pm. Chris Holm and I then took my truck with Tiffany driving to Fredy's and picked up about 170 more beers.... I woke up the next morning with 20 left. This meant that over two kegs of beer were drank that night... and I'd say there were only 30-40 people throughout the night at the house. Divide 300 beers by 40 and that's 7 a piece... and I'd say about 10-15 people weren't really drinking or were drinking hard alcohol instead. This = a lot of drunken people. Tori and Cassidy ended up in my Cherry tree with our bambo rod and can to pick cherries they were using to wack people in the head when they came near the tree. Hodak was done by about 9pm due to many rounds of Bowdoin-Style beer pong. Then a game of flip-cup survivor started that lasted for what seemed forever. Afterwards people were stumbling away from the table completely tore-up. I was pouring out wine I'd bought and a bottle of vanilla vodka and malibou rum were also killed. An all out war involving McKenzie's doggy toys erupted in the living room and several people ended up passing out all over the furniture with pink headbands of flagging tape that Robyn had started putting on everyone's heads! I'm pretty sure the new COAS kids had a great time at the party which turned out to be one of the wildest ones I've seen all year, behind last years' Halloween party at Pam's I guess. Anyway... for those that attended click the title for a funny slideshow of the pics I got and let me know if you want to contribute any. The next morning the owner of our house got a kick out of all the kids coming over searching for lost clothes, hats, shoes etc in the backyard. He looked at me with my horrible hangover and said, "wow, must have been a good party!". He's a really cool landlord for sure.

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