Sunday, October 7, 2007

Black Dress Soiree @ The Bamboo Palace

Last night Pam Archer and her housemates through a Black Dress wine party Soiree at her place. I showed up there around 10pm after eating some dinner at Julie's with Jill and Lou after our hike. I brought a bottle of cabernet and proceeded to drink it straight from the bottle for the party. Everyone else showed up soon after and I of course plugged in my ipod to a stereo Pam and I brought down from her room. That's about when the dance party began. It was a good time with people playing cards, throw excersize balls around the bike room (Anna and Hodak), dancing in the living room, etc. I even heard that a certain someone got so tore-up that they pissed in their pants... ha! Pam yanked the ipod around 1pm thus killing the party. The girls (Hodak, Heather, Sarah, etc) and I headed with Brendan to Jed Roberts place for some post-party drinking but I decided to leave around 3am as I heard someone mentioning going for a beer run... ha, yeah right. It was a good time and I definitely woke up with a wine hangover.

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