Friday, October 19, 2007


Last night I went to a Blackalicious concert in Eugene at the MacDonald Theater with Breandan, Jason Patton, and Eva Woodsen in her Shaggin' Waggin' Adventure Mobile. The van doesn't have any brake lights or even turn signals but somehow we made it. On the way down we picked up some ice at a gas station and put in her sink, yeah... that's what I said, her SINK in the back of her van to keep the beer chilled. We made it the concert and bought a few more beers there at the upper level. Blackalicious is an amazing hip-hop artist but the sound system was way too loud and we couldn't hear anything he was saying clearly. It just came out as a loud stream of noise. I knew the lyrics well enough so I knew what he was saying but they seriously need to fire the sound people there. It was a crowd of only about 200 people but they had the system cranked like they wanted Corvallis to hear it. We spent half the time up stairs with beers, and the other half in the crowd just below Blackalicious.
The ride home was a fun time and we ended up stopping at McDonalds at Midnight for a bite to eat for Eva. Then suddenly Jason just gets up and climbs out of the van to walk home from their... a little odd but ok... I ended up leaving my camera and bag in Eva's car and when I got it back today it had some interesting photos on it that I didn't take... ha. Anyway, it was a great time and an ok concert simply because it was too loud and Blackalicious is just too talented to be captured correctly by loud speakers at a concert venu.

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Anonymous said...

sweet pic
you forgot the part about the meds eva was on. perhaps that makes it even more amazing that we got to and from the concert.
party on.