Sunday, October 14, 2007

New World Disorder "Smack Down" Premier

Last night after biking in Post Canyon we met up with their friend Graham, Chris Skidmore and Will for the movie premiere at the Clinton Theatre. I had a few beers after taking a shower and scrubbing off the dried blood on my leg before heading out with everyone for dinner at a local BBQ joint. I had a huge bbq pork sandwich and the table got a couple rounds of PBR Forty's... yeah, you heard me.. a bucket of PBR 40's was brought to the table with pint glasses.. Can't beat that! Eleanor would be so proud! After a huge dinner we hit up the movie and scored some pretty sweet seats. The movie premier also had 5 free kegs of great microbrews like FAT TIRE which I think I had about 6 glasses of before they ran out. The movie was a total sausage fest so Gwen wisely dropped us off after dinner to avoid being oggled by all the bikers. I can't say enough how crazy the movie was... in one 30 second period of crazy riding I saw a double backflip and a 720 off a ledge... and remember, these tricks are on full size mountain bikes, not bmx! The movie was fantastic and I can't wait to get it myself. At the end we saw a couple drunk fights out front before Gwen showed up and we all dove into her Subaru... Will and Darren in the hatch back area, me Ryan and Chris in the back seat, Graham AND Steven in the passenger seat (I hear they have a history together... :), and Gwen driving our drunk asses. It was a great night and I can't wait to hang out with those guys again. Click the title for a funny slideshow as always

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