Friday, October 5, 2007

Red Sox, Longboarding and Drinks

Tonight I watched the Red Sox barely beat the Angels in game two and the Yankees loose their second game against the Indians as well making it a very great night for me. In the Yankees game the entire field was swarmed with bugs from Canada the announcer called “soldier flies”… it was nasty. Just more proof that God really does hate the Yankees. After kickball at five I called up Holm and Hartz and we rallied longboarding up on 29th street until it got dark and we couldn’t see anymore. I then went home and got some dinner before heading out to meet up with Julie and her friends at McMenamins for drinks. I got there just in time to see Manny Ramirez slam one out of the park for a walk off home run in the 9th to win the game on a 10 foot tall screen.. Great night. Chris and Tiffany also showed up to my surprise. After a few pitchers and laughs I took off around midnight. Great night of Red Sox nation, friends and great booze.

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