Sunday, October 28, 2007

World Champions!!!

Tonight the Red Sox are World Champions! They were down 1-3 in the series against the Indians and then came back to win the next 7 straight games to win the World Series and Sweep the Rockies. The turning point was when veterans such as Varitek and Schilling sat down in a players-only meeting after the Indians beat them for the last time. They simply told the new guys, rookies like Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellisbury, that they needed to just take it one step at a time, "one out, one hit, one inning, in one game at a time". All the rookies agree that was the turning point for the team in the post season. October became the teams best month with a .754 avg. Ever since they won in 2004, thereby erasing the "curse" of the Bambino I knew a that the tide had shifted. That year was eerie with a lunar eclipse the night they won. No longer are the Yankees, who spent a billion dollars of payroll since last year, the franchise that they were. Joe Torre has been "let go" and Steinbrenner is embarrassed with their post season results getting eliminated quickly from the start. The new Kings of Baseball are the Boston Red Sox and they seem poised to dominate again last year like they did this year (they had the best average in baseball for a full 3 months over the summer). Guys like Papelbon, Becket and MVP Lowell are now legends and Varitek is their leader. Theo Epstein knows how to make trades and the choices he makes always come through such as Dice-K. Terry Francona better win manager of this year for his performance this season! Anyway, I could ramble on for hours about my boys.... but I have to go to to start ordering my championship apparel. This is one night when I really wish I could somehow be with all my Boston buddies!

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