Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween

Tonight was the annual Halloween party and this year it was held at Eleanor's. The party was amazing. 3 Kegs, bonfire, ice-luge shots, flip cup, and a dance party provided by my ipod and hits from our high school years. Some of the more interesting costumes were Captain Morgan, Britney and K-fed (Vinny & Cheney), Brycen the keg, Levi as Towlie, Brendan as a Pirate, Eleanor as PBR girl, the Brownies, Mac as Nacho Libre with his jailbird date Sarah as Paris Hilton, Sarah and Heather as 80's prom dates, Logan as a life-size massage chair, Somes as Dick Tracy, Evan as Doc from Back to the future, Holm as Tinkerbell, Niloo & Urva as the Flintstone wives Betty and Wilma, Splinter as a ski bunny, Brendan as a pirate, and on and on. I myself went as an 80's Gaper skier. It was a fantastic time and everybody got thoroughly loaded. There are just wayyy to many photos to post with this blog so I urge you to simply click the title of this post for a fantastic slideshow of all the shinanigans! I ended up leaving around 2am to walk Marybeth home. They went through all 3 kegs and even had to go buy more beer for the end of the party. From what I hear they woke up to bodies all around the house. haha. Captain Morgan won best costume. A lot of skeevy things went down and certain people got it on with certain people but because I'm the human vault when it comes to secrets I can't devulge! Great party and instantly regretted taking Tequila shots with Splinter when I woke up this morning! I went to go put my suit away and found 4 full PBR can's in the leg pockets that I must have walked home with without even knowing it! Can't wait until next year!

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