Friday, November 9, 2007

Make em' Laugh

So for those who read this and know me well you know that my life is in constant turmoil. I'm stuck between departments in Graduate School without funding, I've got to find a job soon to pay my bills, and I have a daughter, girlfriend, and family that I'm a continent away from. Life for me is generally a struggle but I get by day by day through making others around me laugh. If I was Popeye you could call laughter my spinach. My sense of humor is what gets me through in life. And every time I make someone laugh around me I feel better about things in general. Whether it is dressing up like an idiot to get a chuckle from my friends, or cracking a silly joke to the poor girls who work all day at the fast food joints in Moulton Union. Cheering people up around me during my everyday travels and activities is what keeps me going and I'm always willing to put in the extra effort to do so. If I stumbled upon a magic genie and had only one wish it would be that all the weapons in the world would turn into kielbasas. Because honestly, who could stay angry at someone when they are pointing a ridiculous kielbasa at you? Not only would everyone fighting burst into laughter, but it would provide a tasty treat for those hungry starving freedom fighters out there. And if it actually did come down to physical contact I don't really think I'd actually mind being beat with a delicious stick of beef! How awesome would it be if the weapon arsenals around the world looked like this picture? My only worry would be the kind of torture techniques they'd come up with using this weapon..... If you're not chuckling by now get your pulse checked.

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Jon Ellinger said...

And no shit right after I finished this entry and opened by Panda Express fortune cookie it read, "Your Keen sense of humor will make you many good friends"... no shit.