Sunday, November 11, 2007

OSU Vs. U of W.

Friday night was a rough one for me. First I had to endure the movie Darjeeing Unlimited with Brendan and Hodak. The same producers as "The Life Aquatic" and "The Royal Tennanbaums" made the same crappy film this time about 3 brothers riding around aimlessly on a train in India. I swear my life on a daily basis is more exciting then that two hour film. We could call it "The Ellinger Unlimited"! After the movie Brendan came over for some drinks and then we headed to the soccer game. There were a lot of people there including Toshi in Levi's Towelie costume from Halloween and of course Brian was the king of the night... completely trashed and cheering so much he nearly lost his voice. Pretty funny! The party then turned to Levi's where we watched a bit of fight club before returning home at 3am.
On saturday after studying all afternoon I headed over to Hodak's to pregame before the OSU football game. There I found that Hodak had sealed a PBR can into a window with plastic by accident to keep the house warm.. haha. I also learned from Dave that you can pay a tip a pizza delivery with 3 Michelob Lights... ha. We drank a bunch of beers and then headed to the incredibly packed game. By halftime we had taken out their quarterback and were winning by a good margin so we left for halftime to drink some more and make some brownies :). We went back to the game near the end to see OSU take the win and then back to Hodak's again for a party for Chris Somes' birthday. Near the end OSU definitely scored (the beaver launched in the air and laid the ball down on the end zone line) but they called it no touchdown. Was followed was the longest boo (like 10 full minute) I've ever heard. Sarah and Heather joined us and we had quite the dance party as usual. Brendan and I went home at about 3am with Brendan on my longboard... after several falls we made it back to my place and he realized he lost his camera somewhere. So, I gave him my headlamp and he actually went out and found it! Pretty impressive! Great night but I was so drunk that I didn't wake up in time in the morning to go biking with the boys like I wanted to! Oh well... Happy birthday Somes!

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