Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunriver Thanksgiving 2007

For Thanksgiving this year I rented a vacation house in Sunriver for Emily, and I and my OSU buddies. Emily had a rough time traveling and the airlines lost her bags but after a night in Portland we were able to make it to 2 Gosling in Sunriver by Thursday afternoon. Shortly after we got there everyone else arrived and we began to cook our Thanksgiving Feast. We had mashed potatoes, potatoes au gratin, green bean casserole, pot stickers, and Thanksgiving egg rolls.. We made the egg rolls in an assembly line and put in sweet potatoes, veggies, stuffing, and cranberry sauce - it was like a thanksgiving explosion in your mouth after wee deep fried them. Speaking of Deep Frying Tristan is the king and that turkey was the best I've ever eaten. it was even injected with Tristan's special turkey sauce. It was very cool to see how he and Brie dropped it into the hot oil with a broom handle. When the turkey went in the oil erupted all over the ground. That night we had a great display of Mac's very disturbed mind playing Taboo. He quit playing when he got the to the word "Corn Beef Hash"... hahah. Mac passed out around midnight but woke up at 4am to see a very drunk Brendan and Tristan in a sparring match which sounded to me downstairs like the house was coming down. The next morning they both woke up with black eyes but don't remember anything.
Friday we went skiing at Mt. Bachelor. It was Toshi, Mac, Emily and I. Emily lost her Burton mittens but they were found a few days later and we got them back. Emily even found a $600 Blackberry phone on the slopes that we returned to lost and found. Funny thing about that is when the women there called the number the man had left for a contact the phone in her hand started ringing. If you don't get that.. take a second and think about it. As the day wore on the snow cover got thinner and thinner until we were pretty much skiing on grass at the end of the day. We even ran into Quinn and Ashley Hatfield on the mountain but they headed up to Mt. Hood the following day so didn't hang out with us at the house.
When we got back to the house Kristen had cooked soup and the other 20lb turkey I had bought in the oven. We again had a great feast and this night got even more tore up. Mac decided that we should all go on a drunken bike ride around the neighborhood. Chris Holm and Tiffany had shown up so Chris went with us as well while Tiff stayed inside and played video games. Toshi even got a ride on the back pegs of Emily's bike from the garage. Our house had about 10 bikes in the garage and all the bunk beds had stuffed animals in them which made for an interesting weekend. That night we also cooked a duck and had a dance party. Everyone enjoyed the hot tub again which made us even more drunk. Mac passed out and the evening was even foggy for Emily and I.
Saturday we all took it pretty easy. Bart, Splinter and Emily and I took a walk up the closed snow covered road to Paulina Lake in the the Newberry Volcanic National Monument nearby. On the way we saw beautiful Paulina Falls and got some photos in front of it. Saturday night we pretty much relaxed and watched movies, and I finished up the last of the booze.
Sunday we drove to Smith Rock to watch Toshi and Levi climb and take a hike around the park. Chris and Emily and I went over the class 4 scramble of Asterix pass to get to the other side of the park. We then followed Crooked River back for half a mile to where Toshi was. Smith Rock is truly an amazing place. It's like a giant crown of rock rising out of the high desert. There are literally thousands of climbing routes there. Emily and I then drove to Portland to get some dinner and show her the city. We stayed overnight in a hotel there and then I got her to her plane at 7:30 in the morning just in time for me to get back and make it to my Statistics class for the quiz questions.
It was a great Thanksgiving and thankfully nothing got damaged in the house. Tristan, Brie, Brendan, Toshi, Levi & friend, Emily, I, Somes, Holm, Tiffany, Bart, Karen, and Mac all came along. Emily had a great time and hopefully it's just more incentive for her to move out here pronto!

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