Saturday, November 17, 2007

Toga, Toga, Toga!!!

Last night the party house (Jeff, Anna, Hodak, Chris, Cheney, Casey) threw a raging Toga Party. Brendan and I showed up around 10:30 and it was already slammin'. They had a Keg of PBR in the back and were collecting money for Hodak's bike replacement fund. When we showed up it seemed like there were a lot of undergrads there and people we didn't know but apparently they were all Chris Somes' buddies like Eben and Caleb. Anna helped me get my Toga on as well as Brendan. Gabrielli had a sick mix of songs going so I didn't break out my laptop until nearly midnight when I had several requests (I'm not going to ever talk about what happened to me Wednesday night at Chris Holm's birthday bar hop). In any case, it was a typical drunken party until a few of the guys in the room lost their togas and became shirtless, then it became a man eating affair for the single chicks in the room. Honestly, I've never seen girls attack guys like I did last night. A few of my buddies like Somes, Jed, and Logan literally were being attacked on the dance floor it seemed. Pretty damn impressive. Moe and Diego even showed up with a whole quarter keg of Oregon Trail for the party as well! Thankfully, I was taking the night off of drinking so I did not partake in any of the shinanigans I saw happening. At the same time a round of "face first" was started on the stairwell and I got to watch everyone eat rug when they got to the bottom step. Then Laurel decided to ride a bike down the stairs as well.... Crazyness. I ended up yanking my laptop at 2:45 and driving Brendan, Ruth, Kristen, and their friend home. Brendan's keys and jacket ended up going home with Kristen's friend but he luckily spent the night at my house and found them today while I was at a CMRU mainline failure training in Avery Park. Great night and great party. I highly suggest if you are reading this that you click on the title link to see a slideshow, but you have to be my Flickr friend of course to be able to see it.

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