Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with the Riggotts

This Christmas I promised Emily that I would go down to her family's for the holiday. My parents understood I needed to do this because I felt it very important to show them that Emily and I are deeply in love and her future move across the country to be with me is warranted.
So, on December 23rd Emily and I spent the evening at my parents opening early presents and having a nice ham dinner. Emily got a crock pot and I got a year supply of contacts thankfully because I was running out. I also got ANOTHER oyster shucker... I now have about 7 of them. Hopefully my mom will remember and not buy me another. My parents loved the book I made for them with iPhoto about my first full year in Oregon. I included pictures of all my hikes, my rescue trainings, trips, Ellie, Emily etc. I was especially happy that my dad now had something he could hold in his hands because it's too hard for him to get to the computer and see my photos online.
On Christmas Eve Emily and I drove down to East Granby, CT to have dinner with her brother Nick and his wife Jen in their beautiful new home. I've never seen so many Christmas decorations in one place before! She made prime rib for dinner and it was amazing. I had two helpings even though I had eaten a bunch of shrimp that were set out before dinner as well. As per family tradition, we all had a shot of Wild Turkey before dinner as well to warm our stomachs. Nick and Jen have a very spoiled pug dog Samson. He's a chubby little dog with crazy googly eyes who seems to get the attention of the entire family. He even is allowed to sit at the table during dinner on someones lap. Until one of the Riggott children have a child he is the child of the family.
On Christmas Day we all opened presents. I got a Starbucks gift card from Emily's cousin and a beautiful soft shirt from Emily's parents. I think Emily really liked the white gold and diamond heart necklace I gave her. It has two hearts on it but they aren't connected. I wanted to symbolize that although we are strong, independent people, her heart will always hold mine inside no matter the distance we are separated. For dinner her mom made her famous Lasagna which I thought was fantastic. I loved the sauce, it was perfect for lasagna. The next day Emily and had a quick lunch with her parents and her older brother Chris from Portland, ME before we all headed our separate ways. I had a wonderful time with her parents and really hit it off well with her father. It was the first time Emily had ever brought home a significant other for the holidays so it was a big deal for both of us. I think it went very well and after showing the whole family a bunch of photos from Oregon I think I made a pretty good impression and was able to convey the beauty and excitement of Oregon to them as well. Who knows where Emily and I will be next Christmas but I know I'd love to spend it with her family again if possible.

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