Saturday, December 22, 2007

Drinks with Hoobler

Emily has two friends, Chris Deschamps, and a guy named Hoobler who work for MapInfo. If I was home instead of in graduate school I would definitely be in touch with these guys about finding me a job for the company. Hoobler was lucky enough to apply for a job in Sydney and get it! He now lives in beautiful Sydney Australia working for a map making company. What a life! So, when we went out for drinks with the guys on last night Hoobler and I definitely hit it off talking about various things in Australia that we were both familiar with. Unfortunately for Hoobler he drank wayyyy to much and had to be walked home by Chris and Po-Po who had to chase him down several times as he started to run after cute girls he saw on the street... completely harmless though. For most of the night he had my jacket on... I'm not sure why but he thought he looked like some scary movie mass murderer with it on. I also got the horrible reminder of how much drinks cost in Saratoga. I got 10 shots for everyone at "buy one get one free" so it was essentially buying 5 shots... for 25$!!! What??? 5$ a shot.... that's ridiculous... I'm too used to the cheaper prices in Corvallis I guess. At the bullpen Emily and I got into a game of darts with two very drunk guys. We won and in the process their drunkeness led to a dart actually banking off the dartboard into the ceiling above (look carefully at the photo for it). In any case we had a great night and I really enjoy hanging out with all of Emily's friends and although they are mostly all guys I totally trust her with all of them and know they will have her back in any bad situation.

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