Friday, December 7, 2007

End of Classes Celebration

Well, last night I finished the last of my Fall term classes. I literally had 4 finals in a total of 30 hours over the past two days... it was hellish. Thus, last night I decided to get a few drinks with some friends. I met up with the entire Physical Oceanography class including Kipp at Dream at about 8:45 just after I got out of my ridiculously long GIS final that took me about 2.5 hours. After a few drinks there we went over to Bombs where I got the night's last Long Island Ice Tea from Hillary because she ran out of sour mix. The drinks then turned to blue Curraco drinks and other Hillary creations which messed us all up before heading out to Laurel's party at her place near 9th street somewhere... I have no clue where we were. This time I was smart enough to leave my laptop and other stuff in COAS before I went out. I was pretty LIT from Bombs by the time I got to Laurel's so I don't recall a lot of what went on there. I think I left around 2am for home and on the way caught up with Brendan wondering the streets. Together we had a very interesting run home... Thank God classes are over with and I'm heading home tomorrow to visit Emily, my family, and my daughter for 4 weeks!

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