Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jed's End of Quarter Corvallis Bar Crawl

Unfortunately I had to work late on Friday night on my final GIS report so I wasn't able to make it to Mike's for a great bloody mary but I was able to catch up with the crew at the Peacock. Too bad the upstairs was closed for renovations because whenever I go there I'm always ready for some Karaoke. Instead we all chilled downstairs with $1 PBR pints and played shuffleboard while listening to a great live band play. Brycen told me about a video online called "two girls one cup" and told me to google it... well.. I did today and what I found was the most disturbing thing my 28 year old eyes have ever seen... I'm not going to say another word about it but you can see the reaction to the video on YouTube.
After drinking there for a bit we wandered over to Squirrels for some drinks before heading to the skeeviest bar in town... China Delight or as we call it, "China-D". The bartender there was out of her mind. We ordered Long Island Ice teas and she poured them so full of booze I could barely drink mine... and it got me pretty messed up. By that time it was about 2am and everyone was splitting. A really drunk guy came up to me and acted like he wanted to fight someone. I mean.. this guy could barely stand up. I love it when they get like this because all you need to to is make them feel like the king of the world and they are puppets in your hands.. within 5 minutes I had the guy dancing! Cheney got a big kick out of watching all this. The few of us remaining then made the trip to LaConga for some really late night Mexican food. I didn't get any myself but took a few bites from those around me. From what I remember it was Somes, Splinter, Cheney and Vinnie and Mac & Jill. Sarah had gone home earlier. She's great and Mac is way lucky!
After LaConga I challenged Somes to a run back to campus where I got my truck and drove us both home. I love running at night in the dark. It always makes you feel like you are flying! ha. Anyway, props to Jed for a great idea and a great night on the town. I brought 15 bucks which was apparently all I needed because the dumb bartender at peacock gave me change back for a 20 twice when I handed her a 5$ and then a $10... haha. I guess I catch a break sometimes. My fortune cookie on Friday did say that I would come into unexpected fortune... just wish it was more than that!

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