Sunday, January 13, 2008

Disco Party

After a great day of skiing with Chris Holm at Timberline and trying out my new helmet camera Emily got me for Christmas I went to work for 3 hours at Ruby Tuesday's then headed over to the Disco party at Logan's. I wore white pants and my bright green disco shirt which I stapled closed because the top button was missing. I walked over to the party with my ipod in case they may have wanted some of my disco music but they had the music pretty well covered I thought so never mentioned it. The party was rockin with a keg of Oregon Trail local brew and box wine courtesy of Eva. I'm still on my week of no buying alcohol so the party worked out pretty well for me. Eleanor showed up with roller skates on and it seemed like everyone I knew was there minus a few people like Brendan, Julie, Chris Holm and Tiffany. When a few people saw me they inquired why I was back because a silly rumor had been floating around that I wouldn't return and was kicked out... wrong. I simply switched departments and am taking a brief leave of absence until I can resume classes again.
Eva and I played darts for over an hour at the end of the night. She is definitely an interesting girl and a lot of fun to hang out with. And I love joking with her about being 6 foot 6 or however tall she is. Throughout the night it seemed like the guys kept losing their tops at the urging of the women in the party. I even had the staples ripped out of my shirt although I kept my shirt on. The other strange thing was that it seemed like the guys in the room were helping to undress the other guys in the room. This I find very skeevy. That type of behavior should be limited strictly to the female gender of course. I mean, just because it was a disco party, it doesn't mean that we all have to act like the Village People does it? In any case, great party guys! Too bad Toshi wasn't around for it. For a slideshow click the title as always.

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