Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Emily's Soccer League

While home I got to watch Emily play in a few soccer games with her friends. She is really fast and is amazing handling the ball. The first game in early December was against some older people who they easily beat but the 2nd game later in the month was against one of the top ranking teams and because the other team had no girls they played Emily's team down a player resulting in Emily's team nudging them out by a point for the win.
At first when I heard about Emily hanging out with her neighbors all the time (all guys) I was a little concerned but not too much. After meeting them all I'm not concerned at all. They are all like a big family. I was able to hang out with them all on multiple occasions throughout the month including going to a Christmas party at her friend Dave's who has a giant game room with a projector that creates a 7x10 foot wall screen perfect for video games or loud movies with his surround sound system and subwoofer built into the room. Emily and I are definitely going to have a game room when we get a house! Anyway, it's good to know that Emily is in very good hands at home and there are a great group of guys watching out for her.

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