Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years 2008

For New Years this year Emily and her roomate Cassie decided to have people over to their place to pre-game before going out for the night in Saratoga. I had just gotten back from visiting Ellie and was tired but ready for a big night as well. The girls had gone out shopping and made soup, chip dip, etc and had plenty of booze including a handle of Captain Morgan's for Emily and I. The girls took about an hour to get ready for the night so I just wandered over to across the street and watched some TV with the guys before heading back for the party.
At Emily's I threw on my ipod and started a game of Bullshit Pyramid to get the night going. By the time we left for the bars around 10:45pm I was a bit drunk... drunker than I thought because I ended up wandering off from the bars several times and even ended up at Wheatfields to say hi to my old boss and bartender there who told Emily to "take care of me". I don't remember too much of the night but I know I had a great time and I was able to kiss Emily on New Years this year for a change! That definitely felt good and I remember that part!
Thus starts my New Years resolution (one of many) of not drinking for a week each month and not buying alcohol for another week in the same month. Last year was a very eventful year for me with all that happened and I'm looking forward to a more stable year in 2008 but that first will require me finding a job and funding for next year when I get back to Corvallis which I'm very worried about at this point...

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