Friday, January 25, 2008

Suds and harrassment by a little person...

Last night I discovered an amazing bar named Suds & Suds which is literally 3 blocks from my home behind a great pizza parlor. They have 50 different micro brews at the place, most on draft. Along the walls of the bar are placards with the names of everyone that has drank all 50 of the beers. They give you a card with 50 numbers on it that they check off as you go through all the beers. I started my card last night and got 3 pints of delicious Oregon micro brews. I met up with Ashley, Meghan, Christina, Brendan and Sergio there. Later in the night a little person hung out with us. I'm not sure where she came from but she seemed nice so we all took off to Christina's for one last quick beer at her place. After drinking there I decided to head home and the girls and Brendan followed as they had to walk past my place to get home. This is when I found out that the little person was hammered... how did I find out you may ask...? Well, I found out when she walked behind me reached her hand between my legs and grabbed my junk very firmly to the shock and horror of all those in the room including me! I don't know why these odd things in life always happen to me... but I guess I can now add "being sexually assaulted by a midget" to my long list of life accomplishments and stories.... Wow.

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