Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Formally Funky

Last night Eleanor through a party at her place entitled "Formally Funky" where there only rule is to come dressed up formally but with funky hair.  A few days before the party I realized that my hair was too short to be made into "funky".  I was mentioning this to some friends at Ruby Tuesday's and my old RT Prom date Laura mentioned that she had a blonde wig in her car... hmmm, a little odd, but what the hell, so I borrowed it for the party.  In fact, I even wore it at the bar for the last two hours that night just to get a rise out of everyone working.  
I was able to leave work a bit early last night and make it over to Hodak's around 10:30pm with Growler in hand.  Everyone I knew was there and they all looked ridiculous.  Some of us when combined even looked like the Channel Five News Team from Anchorman!  There were a couple kegs that of course got kicked there and 
people got pretty drunk.  Mac even did a keg stand which resulted in the ceiling fan loosing a limb.  Eva was there and brought back my camelback H.A.W.G. bag I left in her shaggin' wagin back in October when we went to 
see Blackalicious together.  She was particularly drunk tonight and pretty frisky... which of course I didn't mind coming from Eva.  
At the end of the night I ended up giving several people ri
des back to their cars including Brendan, Kristen and her friends.  It was a long night and getting up for work today was a bit difficult but it was really great to see all my friends that I don't see too often now that I'm not taking classes.  

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