Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Northwest is getting POUNDED!!!

Check out the video that follows (just hit the play button). The Northwest for the last 3 weeks of January and first few days of February has been getting slammed with snow! Record snow falls are happening all through the cascades with the snow pack currently at 160% of the annual snow pack. There have been many avalanches across major mountain passes (some 15 feet deep over the road) forcing multiple road closures throughout the week. Several cars were even swept off the road. Emily gave me an awesome helmet camera for Christmas which I have been using extensively. I plan on putting together a compilation video of all my friends out here and the sports we are all good at. Winter of course is my season with skiing. I've gotten a ton of great footage and first person views. I've thrown a small collection of some great tree skiing and cliff drops together with some music below. My usual partners in crime on the slopes have been Chris Holm and Tiffany Gregg. Hopefully the snow will keep falling... it's going to be a long spring! - The last drop in the video is one of the biggest I've ever taken... and still felt like nothing in the deep powder!

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