Monday, February 11, 2008

Prom Night

Well, last night I went back to the Prom... only 10 years later but still with a teenager... haha. Yes, my date Laura was 19. In fact, I myself was the 3rd oldest person attending the party... and no, it was not a real prom. A couple server's at Ruby Tuesdays (where I bartend now at night for some extra cash) decided to throw the party. I had just gotten back from a long day of skiing with Chris, Tiffany, and Toshi. I barely had time to get home, shower, cut my hair and shave for the party. We all met at Ruby's for some dinner before heading over to the party. When I showed up at the restaurant everyone at the long table looked amazing. Beautiful dresses and the men in ties, jackets, and vests. I on the other hand dressed purposefully like an ass with a hawaiian t-shirt, black jacket, top hat & cane... to the amusement of everyone there. Mark poured me a stiff drink at the bar with some 151 and I had a great meal of shrimp and pasta.
The party was pretty cool but didn't last very long into the night, partly due the lack of alcohol I think. The dance floor was downstairs and was well decorated. Valentines were handed out and cookies were made. Andy and Nicole one King & Queen of the Ruby Tuesday's prom and Russell even showed up and danced up a storm, David was lucky to get away from his grasp. I also found out that I'm one of Russell's favorites (BTW... Russell is gay) which probably explains why I went from a lunch server to closing bartender in 3 weeks. At one point my boss Russell was prancing around with a tierra on and straddling a stair railing. It was really funny looking! There was a lot of drunkeness and my date Laura turned out to be extremely cool and level headed for her age. She told me all the inside gossip I had yet to have learned and is now one of my favorite people there! The party broke up around midnight and I headed home having not drank too much because I still didn't know anyone there that well to contribute to any conversations. But, hopefully at least showing my face will help me fall into the group of friends better there.

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