Saturday, February 16, 2008

Surfing in Newport at Yaquina Head

This week my old roomate from Bowdoin College Alex Rosatti came to visit for a few days on his two month long tour of the west before he goes to business school at Dartmouth this spring. We went out for drinks at the Crow Bar on Friday night and then to China Delight where we had the requisite Long Island Ice Teas and got pretty drunk. Alex was trashed for the ride home. The next morning we got up and drove over to Newport to watch Chris Holm surf off of Yaquina head lighthouse. It was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and Alex really enjoyed the beauty of the coast, although he almost puked on the curvy road out to the coast... ha. His balance was a little bit off as well. It was hard to figure out who Chris was way out in the waves because there were about 10 other surfers but I managed to get a couple videos of him. It's going to take several days of filming to get a decently long segment for him surfing.
It was a long week of work for me this week. I'm working downtown at a place called Watershed Sciences full time now (started at the end of January). I'm working on photogrammetry (basically geo-correcting aerial photos to the shape of the earth). I work with GIS software and everything I'm doing at work will greatly help me towards my masters in geosciences next fall. I'm even working on data directly for my new adviser next fall Anne Nolin. I'm also bartending at Ruby Tuesday's at night several days a week and this past week I worked there 4 nights so it was a good 75 hour work week for me.

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