Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Emily visiting! Hooray!

This weekend my beautiful girlfriend Emily came to visit me.  Unfortunately, her flight was late taking off and she missed her connecting flight to Portland so she was forced to stay overnight in Washington D.C. with strangers and didn't get to Portland the next day until 4 in the afternoon thus losing a whole night together.  Stupid airlines.  So, she ended up calling her work and asking for all of Monday off instead so she could regain the lost day with me.  That night we had a great seafood dinner in Portland caught a movie and stayed overnight in a hotel so we could head directly to Hood the next day for some skiing.  
We thought the 
bad luck was over,
 but after a great day of skiing Ski Bowl with Aaron we
 ran into a major snag... All afternoon I had been jumping small ledges with Hartz and on one 20+ drop I took a tumble and rolled down the slope... with my pocket open in my jacket.  My pocket with my car keys in it!  At the end of the day when I went to reach in to m
y pocket all I got was a clump of snow!  Fortunately for Emily and I Hartz wanted to ski again on Sunday and was able to drive us home for my spare keys so it all worked out.  We did
 have a pretty funny incident of picking up Chinese food in Corvallis with our ski boots on though!
Skiing was great and it happened to be the same day as Suds on the Slopes were people were pond skimming.  Emily was here the same exact day the year before when I backflipped into the pond (see previous post last year).  This year we decided to just chill in the sun at the beer garden instead.  It actually worked out that we had to wait until Saturday to ski because the weather was great and about 60 degrees. 
On Sunday when we came back the weather wasn't nearly as nice and after just a few hours skiing with Hartz and Amy at Timberline they took off to head to REI for some shop
ping.  As soon as they left bad luck hit again... I lost Emily on the slopes.  30 minutes later of bombing runs in rainy/snowy/blizzard conditions I finally caught up to her waiting for me at the top of a lift.  I felt terrible 
losing her for that long so we decided to take off back to 
Corvallis.  Thankfully my truck had been left untouched overnight and everything was fine.  
On monday I finally was able to show Emily Silver Falls.  The middle portion of the trail was closed due to a mudslide or something but we were able to hike the first part of the canyon trail, then drive to the other half and see that as well.  Emily was amazed at the waterfalls and how cool it was to walk be
hind them.  Due to the rainy season and recent rainy weather the waterfalls were exceptionally powerful too.  We had a great day of hiking the trails and got a bunch of great photos.  
It was very sad to see her leave early Tuesday morning (she missed that flight too but eventually got home on different flights even faster than her original flight plans.. stupid airlines).  I can't wait until she gets more time to visit me again soon!

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