Sunday, May 11, 2008

MacForest Ultra Marathon CMRU Medical Support

This weekend I volunteered for the MacDunn Ultra Marathon with CMRU. My station was at Chip Ross Park with Mike Sell. We basically setup a small first aid station and checked off the 200+ runners that ran by us to make sure that all were accounted for. It was a cool morning so we weren’t that worried about heat exhaustion. I offered encouragement to each runner by name as they went by me and I checked off their number. Our buddy and fellow CMRU member Drew was running in the race. Last year he took 7th place but this year without training and entering the race on a whim I think he placed top 30 which is still amazing! The race was 31.6 miles long and wound its way like spaghetti through the hills of MacDonald Dunn Research Forest. I’m going to have to try doing the length of the race on my mtn bike someday, and that will be enough of an accomplishment for me! 

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