Saturday, July 19, 2008

Leaving CMRU

Well, after a long period of me missing trainings and meetings this summer I've been pressured out of CMRU, the mountain rescue unit in town. They have strict guidelines on attendance which I can totally understand but I also have priorities in my life such as being able to provide money for my daughter, pay my own bills, pay for school etc so if I have to let something go it's gotta be my volunteer work with the unit. I feel like I learned a great deal while I was part of the group. I'd like to say I'm leaving the unit on a happy note but some things that were said when I decided to bow out has left a very sour taste in my mouth about the group and their elitist thinking.. It's unfortunate for them because I'm a young guy in great shape and more than capable in the mountains so if they don't want my volunteer time, it's their loss. So, maybe when I have more time in my life I'll try to rejoin, or maybe not. Perhaps when and if Emily and I end up moving to Portland I'll join up with PMRU there. In the meantime I'll maintain all my medical certifications and SAR hours so I won't have to go through all the training again if I do decide to rejoin.

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