Monday, July 28, 2008

Trip home to see my daughter & Katie's Wedding

This past weekend I had a very quick, yet wonderful trip home to the East Coast. Although I wasn't able to see my parents I was able to spend a few days with my beautiful daughter Ellie! She has grown so much and is definitely a little chatterbox, repeating everything that is said around her.

I flew the red-eye home on Thursday night and picked up a rental car friday morning to head to Ellie's day care to visit with her before her mom picked her up at 5pm. I was extremely tired from lack of sleep and was forced to pull over in a BK Lounge parking lot to catch some Z's in the car before I drove off the road. I woke up at about 3:15 and had about 30 miles to drive to meet her. It took me two full hours to drive that distance in the traffic I encountered!!! I'll never move back to the East Coast if I have to fight with that on a daily basis. I missed Ellie at Day Care but was able to meet up with her and Nicolette at her lawyers to sign some papers. That night we went to their new appartment and hung out for a little while before we had to put Ellie to bed around 9pm. I got to read her some books and play with her a while before she dozed off after cuddling with both mommy and me.

Saturday morning Ellie slept in a long time and we didn't get up until after 9am (thankfully allowing me some sleep (on the floor because Nicolette wasn't fully moved in yet). After some breakfast I headed off to Katie and Nat's wedding. I met Emily at a hotel and zoomed off to the wedding making it just in time! I got to see everyone from the Vineyard again who apparently remembered me as the guy with the blue painted tooth (long story) or look back at previous blog posts around Memorial day 2006. After the beautiful wedding at the mountainside resort Emily and I had a table with Doug Roeck from ENSR who I was really happy to catch up with. I was super happy to introduce Emily to all my friends and they all thought she was wonderful. The food was delicious (complete with a chocolate fountain) and the dancing was fun. Emily and I had a great time but were too tired to follow everyone out to the bars afterwards.

On Sunday morning I left the hotel at 7am to make it back to Greenwich for church with Nicolette and Ellie. I still feel very uncomfortable in church (just not my thing). I always feel closer to whatever "greater power" there is when I'm in the mountains then sitting in a pew or a chair. I got to chat with Michelle and Nate who I really like a lot. Sunday afternoon Ellie and I spent napping before we headed to Sean and Amanda's (Ellie's aunt and uncle) for dinner so I could get to know them a little better. If anything happens to Nicolette Ellie will be in their care. From the size of their house, their beautiful furnishings and garden I could tell Ellie would be in excellent care - far better care than I could provide for her at this point of my life. We ate Cabobs, then played on the stairs with Ellie teaching her how to jump and taking a bunch of photos. Sean also grabbed a bunch of photos of Ellie off his computer to give to me so I could put them on my laptop. I felt really comfortable with all of them. Each time I go home to visit Ellie I feel less like everyone is looking at me with judging eyes which is a good feeling because I think they are starting to understand that I have good intentions and am a good person.

On monday after playing with Ellie at daycare for several hours I had to leave her. All morning she clung to me while I held her which made it even harder for me to leave her. I left with her saying "bye bye daddy" which nearly brought tears to my eyes. I love her so much but just this 4 day trip home with all the costs and the work I missed cost me nearly $1,000.... money I could have sent home for Ellie. I love her so much and wish there was an easier way for me to see her more often... I guess sometimes life just isn't fair. But your happiness is all what you make it so I take joy in knowing I have a beautiful daughter who is well taken care of.

I can't wait to see her again!

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