Saturday, September 13, 2008

Killian's Apple Cider Party

Today Jason through an apple pressing, cider-making party at his place.  Emily and I went over around 3:30pm to watch the process but because of the first Beaver football game against Hawaii at 1pm I needed to be at work early at 4 to help out with the crowds so I had to leave early leaving Emily there.  She ended up staying for a while then heading downtown with a couple guys she randomly met at the party for drinks at Squirrels.  To my surprise she met up with Colin and Amanda and Layne at Squirrels also.  Colin, Amanda, and Emily then showed up at Ruby's at about 11pm as I was bored to death and wanting to go home.  I'm so happy that Emily is so good at getting out on her own and making friends.  It has relieved a few of my worries about her adjustment to living here in Corvallis with me without knowing anyone.  I think she'll be just fine!

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