Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oregon Coast Aquarium, Amy's Birthday PC Surfing

This Saturday I was able to get off of work to head out to the coast for Amy's birthday party in Pacific City.  Emily and I took off on Saturday from Corvallis and decided to check out the Oregon Coast Aquarium first.  I hadn't been there since my intro to Oceanography trip in 2006 so there were a bunch of new exhibits I hadn't seen yet.  One of the exhibits was of giant Japanese Spider Crabs that grow to a legs span of over 10 feet.  Thankfully the ones in the tank were just babies so they had room to move.  Emily and I spent a long time at the aquarium checking out all the exhibits.  I think she liked the sea otter one the best (Eleanor are you reading this?)  

After the aquarium we headed north up the coast to Pacific City stopping for a big bag of oyster shooters in town before heading to the rental house 
they got on the beach.  The night was a blast. Emily and I were introduced to "Wizard Sticks" where you tape the can you just drank with duct tape to the can you are currently 
drinking until you have a "stick" of beer cans you are carrying around.  Unfortunately, Emily and I had bought bottles so it was a little more difficult but still a hell of a lot of fun.  
everyone was pretty hammered and had made it into the neighbor's hot tub on the deck of the house that was for sale.  Emily and I wandered over and were told to come 
in so we went back to the house and put on our swim suits and jumped in with the rest of them.  After chatting for a while someone mentioned wanting to run down the beach in the freezing cold to jump into the even colder ocean... As everyone started to get out of the hot tub Emily and I realized something.   We were the only two in it with 
complete bathing suits!!! Some people had tops on, 
some had bottoms on and all the guys seemed to be stark naked!  ha!  But, I will say that Emily and I were two of the few that actually dunked ourselves completely in the waves before running back to the tub.  From that point on the night was pretty shady to me...  Emily and I shared a bed in a loft with Aaron and Amy across from us.  

In the morning after cleaning up the house we all drove down to the beach at Pacific City and went surfing.  Emily and I were borrowing a board and wetsuits from Chris and Tiffany.  We followed 
Hartz and Amy into the waves and out to the breakers.  I actually was able to get up on the board and ride it 4 different times in the hour that we were out there.  On the last ride I rode it far into shore and when I tried to turn around and go out again I just kept getting worked and beat up by the waves so instead I just gave up and headed into shore to find that Emily was exhausted too.  It was her first time surfing and I think she liked it but also realized that it was a lot harder than she thought.  I'm sure Amy had a great birthday and it was a fantastic time for everyone.  Hopefully this winter we'll be able to go back out there as a group to get away from Corvallis.  Emily and I took off around 2pm so I could get back to work by 4pm at Ruby's.  

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