Saturday, October 11, 2008

Climbing Weekends with Tiff & Chris

For a couple weekends now Emily and I have gone climbing with Chris and Tiffany.  The first weekend we drove all the way out to Flagstone for our first time there.  Emily didn't have any climbing shoes or a harness so she climbed in her sneakers and borrowed one of Chris'.  We climbed with Tiff and Chris for several hours before heading to Eugene to go to the Steelhead Brewery in Eugene for some Dinner on the way home.   Emily was fantastic at climbing even in her sneakers.   

Emily and I went back two 
weeks later to meet up with Chris and Tiffany again but this time after I got out of work at Ruby's at 9pm.  We drove 
quickly through the night to meet up with Aaron, Chris and Tiffany at the parking lot to camp out overnight.  By the time we got to the parking lot we were in about 3 inches of fresh snow glowing beautifully under the moonlight.  Since we were all there we decided to just stay the night and see if the rock was dry enough to climb in the morning.  So we chatted for a while over some beers, playing with Chris and 
Tiff's new dog Kya before Emily and I curled up in the bed of my truck under a canopy of stars.  

In the
morning we scouted out the area but decided that not only was there ice on the rock, it was way to friggin' cold to try to climb.  Our fingers would have frozen halfway up the rock!  So, we decided to head to the Columns in Eugene for some climbing before I had
 to take off for work at 4:30.  On our way out of the mountains from Flagstone we ran into some helicopter logging operations
which were really amazing to watch.  The pilot of the helicopter was truly an expert.  It was a single pilot helicopter with two very unique blades spinning simultaneously as rotors.  The chopper would drop down, almost as if falling out of the sky, stop, the workers would clip the dangling hook to a bunch of trees and the chopper would whisk them off to another part of the mountain for stripping and loading onto trucks.  Check out the video and pictures!

At the
columns we got a few good climbs 
in and Emily definitely appreciated having
the right rock climbing shoes this time!  I think this was probably going to be the last time Emily and I climb outside the rock gym at Dixon until next spring.  The main focus in my mind now is ski season coming up!

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