Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beavers vs. Arizona

After waiting in line for an hour this past Monday I was able to score some tickets to the Arizona home game for Emily and I. I had the night off of work as well so drinking was definitely an option.  Zack and Rachel came over to our place in the afternoon for some drinks before we headed to the game.  Mac and Sarah also came over for some pre-game drinking.  Emily and I got to meet Rachel's dog Charlie as well who was adorable but had to be left in his dog cage to contain his mischievous behavior while we were gone.  It was a very rough night for me as I stupidly decided it would be appropriate to drink half a nalgene of port.  On top of that I decided to drink another half nalgene of jungle juice at half time with some tail-gaiters.  Apparently it was an amazing game and we clinched it in the 4th quarter but frankly I don't even remember the 2nd half.  When we got back to our apartment Emily decided to cook burgers for us all but I don't recall any of that either.  I woke up to find that I had put in Dave Chapelle for our amusement as well.  The night was a great time from what I've heard.

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